Areas of Practice


Criminal Law:  Assault and domestic violence, stealing, possession of drugs and drug  paraphernalia, prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, minor in  possession of alcohol, destruction of property, resisting arrest,  trespass, disorderly conduct, illegal dumping, housing code violations,  animal code violations and child endangerment.

Traffic Offenses:  Driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while intoxicated,  driving under the influence of drugs, driving with a suspended or  revoked license, leaving the scene of an accident, eluding the police,  careless driving, violations of running a red light, speeding tickets,  stop sign violations, failing to signal when making a turn, illegal  u-turns, tickets resulting from an auto accident, failing to maintain  proof of insurance, tickets due to making an illegal turn where  prohibited by sign.

Who Is Traci Fann?