Don't Treat Traffic Violations Lightly

Speak with a traffic violation lawyer in Lee's Summit, MO

Charges like DUIs and careless driving can carry serious consequences. If you're facing charges, turn to a traffic violation attorney. The Law Office of Traci Fann in Lee's Summit, MO will represent you. As a traffic violation lawyer, I'm here to make sure my clients don't feel like they're alone. I'll work closely with you on your case and do everything in my power to ensure your day in court follows the law.

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Representing you, no matter your situation

No traffic issue is too big or too small for me to address. I represent clients with violations like:

Eluding police

DUIs and DWIs

Careless driving

Speeding tickets

Running red lights

Stop sign violations

Failing to signal while turning

Leaving the scene of an accident

Failure to maintain proof of insurance

As your traffic violation attorney, I'll explore different routes and ways to approach your situation. Then, I'll inform you about which options I believe we should take. For more information on how I can assist you, please reach out today.

Is your license on the line?

If you accumulate eight or more points on your license in 18 months or less, your license may be on the line. If you receive a suspension, driving could incur serious consequences. The Law Office of Traci Fann can represent you if you need a suspended license attorney. As your attorney, I'll help you understand your rights and protections.

Don't lose your independence. Contact a suspended license attorney in Lee's Summit, MO today.

Does it feel like fines are piling up?

Traffic tickets can be expensive, but getting them reduced may be a lengthy ordeal. If you're stuck with a ticket, don't hesitate to connect with a traffic ticket attorney. As your traffic ticket lawyer, I'll explore different avenues to help alleviate the burden on your shoulders and seek a solution that impacts your life as little as possible.

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